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Welcome to Dairy Resources International, your dairy industry partner for emerging and growing dairy markets around the world.


OUR MISSION: Dairy Resources International will promote the development of sustainable dairy systems in growing and emerging markets throughout the world, building on the successes of US dairy technologies, dairy production systems and management/leadership systems appropriate to the target countries' social, economic, cultural and environmental well being.


Project Development Resources


The Project Development International (PDI) Process is…

a proprietary, comprehensive project development process provided by the PDI Group that:

…represents a unique and innovative public agency-private sector partnership for efficiency, transparency, accountability, and sustainability in the development arena,

…implemented by a private sector corporate community of for-profit and not-for-profit organizations that is international, non-governmental, non-political, and culturally diverse,

…in collaboration with host country partners to promote capacity building, accountability, and sustainability of benefits to local constituency stakeholders.